Follow My Heart

Classic’s new Follow My Heart caladiums feature muted crimson veins over a semi glossy green leaf. The leaves are thick and leathery – slightly frilly. Can take up to 8 hours of sun.

Double My Pleasure

This variety is NOT AVAILABLE for commercial sales at this time as we are ramping up production.

Double My Pleasure is a new elegant pink strap (lance) leaf variety, tolerant of full sun conditions and works well in the landscape as a short to intermediate variety. Double My Pleasure would remind you of Florida Sweetheart, but with a richer color, dark veins and more elegant habit. Double My Pleasure has the unique trait of occasionally having leaf inversions on the undersides of its leaves. Don’t forget to turn the leaves over to “Double My Pleasure”!

Double My Pleasure is useful in 4” and larger pots, baskets and combination/patio planters. (see below)
    Burst My Bubble may be offered as a growers choice in our pre-finished and finished programs

Escape Artist Caladiums

This variety not yet available commercially as we ramp up production…


Escape Artist, a fancy-leaved caladium is being released in 2023 as a limited retail introduction for consumer evaluation. Escape Artist caladiums have a very distinctive look with a dusky bronze background and crimson primary veins with interveinal pink spots and blotches. Escape Artist is an intermediate to tall variety that tolerates full sun. Habit is improved with de-eyeing for smaller pots. Great in the full sun landscape or patio pots.Another patented caladium from Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman.

Pink Symphony

Pink Symphony is NOT in production at Classic Caladiums.

Pink Symphony is a intermediate strap/lance leaf variety. Not de-eyed, it has several beautiful translucent pink leaves with green veins, however insufficient leaves to have good pot habit. De-eyed, the habit is significantly improved with increased branching, but juvenile leaves from the branches are solid green to variably marked with pink blotches. We stopped production as customers were not enthusiastic about the green leaves, and we now recommend Blushing Bride and Bold N’ Beautiful as viable alternatives.

Thai Beauty

“Sorry, this caladium variety is NOT in production at Classic Caladiums.”

Caladium ‘Thai Beauty’ has a variegated leaf colorations that looks hand painted. Thai Beauty is a strap leaf Caladium with some unique and varied leaf colors and patterns.
While this was in production at Classic earlier, we dropped the variety as customers were not appreciative of the 3 colors of leaves on this plant (see photo, left), specifically the green leaves. The early, dominant leaves usually developed into a pink leaf at maturity, some other and later emerging leaves may have shown green and tended to stay that way. Varieties such as Blushing Bride and Peppermint provide much better color in all stages of maturity

Crème Brulee

    A new fancy light green to cream introduction with broad bold patterns and reddish-bronze margins. This sun-loving new introduction is from Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. Crème Brulee is a tall and vigorous variety with large leaves.

CRÈME BRULEE – UGA trial garden August 2023 “Plants of Distinction” winner
    “This new introduction shows off a creamy tan and bronze leaf coloration. Caladiums love our heat and humidity more than most plants in the garden and this is why they are grown with care in south central Florida.”

Wish Granted Caladiums

Please Note:This variety is not available commercially at this time.

    Wish Granted is a strap variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. Wish Granted is a compact cream-green strap caladium. Leaves feature a rose to red accent where the petiole connects to the leaf. Wish Granted leaves have prominent veins with thin green margins. Leaves will blush pink when planted in brighter light giving added dimension to mass plantings. A compact mounding habit is good for all container sizes including baskets.

Sweet N’ Sassy Caladiums

This variety is not in production at this time, we suggest alternative varieties as shown below
    Sweet N’ Sassy, a strap variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. Sweet N’ Sassy is the start of a full series of environmentally resistant caladium line. This includes stronger thicker stems (petioles) and thick leathery leaves. Leaves display prominent black veins held on thick black stems. A white background further highlights the black veins surrounded by a thin light green margin. Sweet N’ Sassy is great for landscape, as well as, all container sizes including baskets.

Rio Summer

    Rio Summer – a fancy variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. Rio Summer boasts large shiny red leaves on intermediate sized plants. Great for all size containers and large landscape plantings. Prefers partial sun – up to 8 hrs morning sun.

    Rio Summer may be offered as a growers choice in our pre-finished and finished programs

Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine caladiums are not available at this time – you may wish to select an alternative variety as shown below.

    A fancy variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman, Rain or Shine caladiums have large bronze leaves and darker bronze (copper) veins with varied splotches of pink. Higher light levels will improve coloration. The large habit of Rain or Shine make is suitable for containers 4″ and larger.

    Burst My Bubble may be offered as a growers choice in our pre-finished and finished programs.

Painted Desert

Sorry, Painted Desert is not available at this time as we ramp up production.

    Painted Desert, a new strap variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. Painted Desert’s has dark bronze leaves with deeper bronze veins and pink windows between the lateral veins. A compact mounding habit makes it great for mass plantings in the landscape and suitable for all container sizes including baskets.

    As we ramp up production, we do set aside some bulbs for test marketing – you may find limited quantities available on our retail site and finished caladium program at an earlier date.

High Society

    High Society – a new white strap variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. Large pure white strap leaves tolerate 8 hours of sun. High Society has clean bright paper white leaves with very thin green margins. Good for all containers and baskets.

    High Society was chosen in June, 2023 “Plants of Distinction” in the UGA 2023 Trial Gardens. “Classic Caladiums just keep getting better! Their endless supply of new patterns and designs has graced us with ‘High Society’ for 2023. This sun/shade variety has pure white hearts with a fine outline to accentuate their shape. Lots of new leaves sprouting up and filling out the space nicely.”
    High Society may be offered as a growers choice in our pre-finished and finished programs.

Grand Slam

This variety is NOT available for ordering at this time

    Grand Slam is a product our CEO Dr. Robert Hartman’s breeding program. In this fancy variety – first emerging leaves are rich deep pink with black veins, later emerging leaves tend to be lighter rose-pink to white with black veins. All will have black stems with above average leaf thickness adding to its durability. Handles up to 8 hours of full sun.

    We are currently ramping up production of our new Grand Slam caladiums for commercial release. We do test market new intros so you may see a limited amount of this variety offered as a grower’s choice potted caladium in our finished caladium program as well as our retail website.

Florida Cardinal

These caladiums are not in production at Classic.

Florida Cardinal caladiums were developed by Gary Wilfret at U of F. Bright red centers on a green leave provides a striking plant.

Little Gem

Please Note: We will not be accepting commercial orders for this variety at this time.

    Little Gem is a new fancy pink variety featuring a popular color pattern from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman. This compact caladium displays bright, semi-glossy leaves with bright rose main veins and lighter pink panels between the lateral veins. Leaves are thin and translucent with frills. Little Gem’s compact habit makes it suitable for all size containers, including baskets.

    While we are ramping up production for commercial release – we will be setting some bulbs aside for marketing, you may find a few available on on retail website or offered as grower’s choice items in our finished caladium program before then.