Pre-Finish Caladiums

Our unique Classic pre-finished program consists of rooted and spiked caladiums – ready to finish in your growing program. Variety specific orders may be accepted if made prior to the end of December, otherwise all pre-finished caladiums will be growers choice .
Shipping can be combined with our canna, tropical and finished caladium programs if orders are placed by the end of December.

Pre-finished caladiums in our yard (foreground)
  • All individual pots have a variety specific tag, our custom-blended 90 day controlled release fertilizer and a fungicide root treatment.
  • With 8 weeks lead time, we can produce the pre-finished caladiums in any size container (or containers you provide).
  • Current production is in 4.25″, 6.5″, and 8″ pots
  • We also have a custom-grown hanging basket program
  • Grow time from a tuber to a spiked product is approx 5-6 weeks depending on the heat being applied. Our program will save time, heat and space.
  • Finishing time is 10-21 days depending on your growing conditions. We recommend 75 degree day and 70 degree nights.
  • Many of our newer cultivars are included
Custom-Build racks available for shipping.

4.25″ pots – 900 per rack
6.50″ pots – 480 per rack
8″pots – 300 per rack

Our Classic in-house video – details on this program from Classic Grower, Clay Wallace

For more information or ordering, contact
Abbot-Ipco at (214) 341-1585
Or Classic Caladiums (863) 453-0014