Operations Center

Our main operations center is located in Avon Park Florida. This 120,000 sq. ft. facility is where we process and ship all of our bulbs.
In addition, our main offices are located here.

On the East side of our warehouse, we have a 2 acre garden where we showcase our caladiums every fall to the public and commercial clients. Behind the warehouse we have several growing areas for our rapidly expanding potted plant production program including greenhouses, shade houses and outdoor full sun ground cloth production areas.

Processing our bulbs
Classic has added several innovative steps to be a more reliable supplier with uniformly performing bulbs. After the washed bulbs arrive from the farm, we force-air cure for them in our specially designed curing tunnels for about 14 days at a consistent 85 degrees and a 50% relative humidity. This forms a protective skin (or barrier) and helps prevent damage during later handling and processing. We even run the bulbs thru for 48 hours again, right after they are graded and counted.
After grading, yield data is collected by variety and farm location .