Classic’s Farm

Classic Innovation
Now the industry leader in pioneering production methods, Classic now produces over 50% of the world’s supply of caladium tubers – all since our founding in the year 2000. The farm is not open to the public other than our annual Open House held every September.

  • Classic employs plastic mulch over each raised caladium production bed.
    By planting on raised beds, we provide better drainage for the caladium roots which lessens disease pressure and helps prevent flooding damage caused by excessive summer rains and the occasional hurricane. The plastic covering helps control weeds, lessening our dependence on herbicides, and reduces water use and fertilizer leaching. Fertilizer leaching is further mitigated by the use of controlled release fertilizer with a 9 month release curve. To further reduce water use, each bed is irrigated by two rows of irrigation drip tape delivering water exactly where we need it. We are the only company producing caladium tubers this way.
  • Laser leveled fields.
    Allows for appropriated drainage without creating ruts.
  • New custom-made production equipment.
    New farming methods require unique equipment to help us deliver higher yields and more reliable production.
  • Producing more new varieties.
    Improving sun tolerance, habit and disease resistance are just some of the attributes we seek to improve our selection. With entirely new colors and leaf patterns Classic has lead the world in developing and patenting over 70 new varieties of caladiums since 2001.

Classic Farm Manager – Gary Henderson
Any farmer will tell you, farmers wear many hats. Producing our quality bulbs requires creating a great team of employees – necessary for the many varied operations taking place at the farm. Pictured (left) is Gary consulting with CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman on new varieties of caladiums.

The close interaction with Classic team members works well to assure the effective and timely actions needed by all hands to provide another great crop of caladiums.

Gary and his team have substantially contributed to Classic’s success in implementing many new innovative new farming methods and practices to increase the yields and quality of our caladiums, elephant ears and cannas.

Team Leaders that make it work…
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Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson – Farm Manager
Ofelia Gamez
Ofelia Gamez
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods
Classic Farm Team