Ofelia Gamez

Farm Manager assistant – bulb washing, trials, weeding & roguing

When joining Classic in 2003, Ofelia’s first job was washing bulbs. Working closely with Gary Henderson, farm manager, she has grown into one of his primary go-to team members, now wearing many hats at the Classic 850 acre farm.
From special projects to supervising spring planting crews then watching over her rows of caladiums, she and her team perform season-long weeding and rogueing (making sure an errant Red Flash plant isn’t growing in the Allure caladium row,) including acres of elephant ears and cannas, and then overseeing the bulb washing after the bulbs are harvested.

Married 47 years, husband Jorge and Ofelia are the proud parents of 8 (including 2 sets of twins)and have 19 grandchildren.