Growing Elephant Ears

Tips on growing…
Tropical elephant ears thrive on sunlight. They do want more water in direct sunlight as opposed to shady areas where they don’t tend to dry out as fast. Consider these plants as teenage boys, they are growing and eating machines. Frequent applications of fertilizer keeps them healthy and happy. 20-20-20 is fine. Bulbs should be planted in the landscape in the spring after the last frost.  Temperatures can vary in specific locales and from year to year therefore nothing substitutes for local knowledge.  Generally, plant your bulbs with the soil temperatures warm to 65°F-70°F. If you are planting in northern climes, you can start the bulbs earlier in a warm, moist (not soggy) place inside and give them a head start. Elephant ears do go dormant.

In the south, zones 9 & 10, usually heavy mulching will protect the bulbs in the winter. Northern zones should pull the bulbs by trimming off the tops, dig up the bulbs (shake out the excess dirt and separate if clump is large) and store the bulbs in the basement area.