Thai Beauty

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“Sorry, this caladium variety is NOT in production at Classic Caladiums.”

Caladium ‘Thai Beauty’ has a variegated leaf colorations that looks hand painted. Thai Beauty is a strap leaf Caladium with some unique and varied leaf colors and patterns.
While this was in production at Classic earlier, we dropped the variety as customers were not appreciative of the 3 colors of leaves on this plant (see photo, left), specifically the green leaves. The early, dominant leaves usually developed into a pink leaf at maturity, some other and later emerging leaves may have shown green and tended to stay that way. Varieties such as Blushing Bride and Peppermint provide much better color in all stages of maturity

  • Height: Short: 10" - 12"
  • SKU: N/A
  • Sun Tolerance: Partial to Full Shade

Originally bred in Thailand, there seems to be no large scale commercial production of this caladium. We do see it offered in various countries in small quantities online.
Most imported Thai varieties, while varied in color and pattern are not trialed and upgraded to the standards required for large scale production by today’s commercial caladium growers.

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This variety is NOT in production at Classic Caladiums.