Escape Artist Caladiums

Patent Protected : 34,763

This variety not yet available commercially as we ramp up production…


Escape Artist, a fancy-leaved caladium is being released in 2023 as a limited retail introduction for consumer evaluation. Escape Artist caladiums have a very distinctive look with a dusky bronze background and crimson primary veins with interveinal pink spots and blotches. Escape Artist is an intermediate to tall variety that tolerates full sun. Habit is improved with de-eyeing for smaller pots. Great in the full sun landscape or patio pots.Another patented caladium from Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman.

  • Height: 16" - 20"
  • SKU: EAR8130
  • Sun Tolerance: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Classic Grower, Clay Wallace, is trialing these caladiums in containers now. He will be adding details when completed.

Escape Artist will not be available for our commercial customers until we ramp up production, date not yet determined.