Snow Flurry Caladiums

Patent Protected : 31,569

    Heart to Heart™ Caladium ‘Snow Flurry’ is a white fancy-leaved introduction having white veins and White Christmas type white windows with green margins.  Snow Flurry is similar to Classic’s variety White Cap and to the variety Florida Blizzard but has larger and purer white windows and veins and darker green background contrasting well with the white veins and splotches/windows. Snow Flurry is intermediate to tall in height and upright in habit. Snow Flurry bulbs are de-eyed and painted before we ship.  Snow Flurry sprouts and finishes quickly.  In the landscape Snow Flurry tolerates full sun to shady locations. Another innovative caladium variety from Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman.

    Heart to Heart™ Snow Flurry received Best performer award in Best of the Penn State Flower Trials 2022.

    You will find Snow Flurry caladiums in both our pre-finished and finished caladium programs.

Heart to Heart™ Caladium ‘Snow Flurry’ has been selected by Proven Winners, The #1 Plant Brand, as a distinctive and proven caladium for their plant catalog. This partnership allows us at Classic to reach the much broader audience Proven Winners provides. Snow Flurry is co-branded with Proven Winners and offered by both parties.

Allow 5-8 week crop time in southern zones. Allow approx 21 days to sprout, recommend de-eying for pots. Bulbs are painted and de-eyed.

Recommended bulbs per pot:
4″ pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 2-#2 bulbs
6″ (2.5qt) pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 4-#2 bulbs
8″ (1.75 Gal) pots: 4-#1, or 8-#2 bulbs
12″ pot: 5-#1 or 10-#2 bulbs

For more information or ordering, contact
Abbot-Ipco at (214) 341-1585
Or Classic Caladiums (863) 453-0014