Sunset Pink Caladiums

Patent Protected : 31,310

    A new exclusive addition for the 2019 season, our fancy Sunset Pink caladium features a bright salmon pink almost rose center. Sunset Pink is a fancy leaf hybrid that is similar to Kathleen but is brighter in color and doesn’t fade. Looks great in anything from pots to a shady area under your oak tree. Another patented caladium from Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman.

    You will find Sunset Pink caladiums in both our pre-finished and finished caladium programs.

Allow 6-8 week crop time and approx 15 days to sprout in southern zones, recommend de-eying for pots.

Recommended bulbs per pot:
6″ (2.5qt) pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 4-#2 bulbs
8″ (1.75 Gal) pots: 4-#1, or 8-#2 bulbs

For more information or ordering, contact
Abbot-Ipco at (214) 341-1585
Or Classic Caladiums (863) 453-0014