Jack Hendry left company to continue with his own business – Hendry Caladiums
Farming Practices
30K Certified Tissue Culture stock plants (3rd Shipment) planted at Smoak’s 9-mile grade site, Zolfo Springs, FL (second Smoak lease)
8 Acres at Gary Henderson’s (Wauchula, FL)
50 Acres raised plastic mulch beds on sand production+50 acres open sand production – Smoak, Zolfo Springs, FL
55 A Roger’s – Avon Park, Sand
100 A Dennis Coulter’s – Avon Park, Muck
Developed contract producer in Costa Rica (3A)
Developed prototype precision seed cutter with SK Design
Built second sand digger, began using potato chain bulb lifter
Experimenting with various alternative to Methyl Bromide Fumigants. Continues past 2021.
Built a permanent bulb Washer at Smoak’s (Gary’s design and fabrication).
Market Developments
Designed and began using white box with CCL trademarked logo and slogan on it. Heretofore the industry standard was generic brown boxes and printing with nothing indicating the supplier.
Processing/Warehouse Practices
SR 70 Warehouse
Wauchula warehouse
Put into practice collapsible wall drying and curing tunnels for part of the crop
New Variety Developments
Continued breeding and selection processes