Farming Practices including farm locations
50K Certified Tissue Culture stock plants (2nd shipment)
8 Acres at Gary Henderson’s (Wauchula, FL)
50 Acres raised plastic mulch sand production – Smoak (Zolfo Springs, FL)
Built a portable bulb washer
Farmed Jack Hendry’s 70 acres – Lake Placid, muck
Farmed Dennis Coulter’s 100 acres – Avon Park, muck
Market Developments
One day while doodling at lunch we designed Classic’s logo (Growers of New Generation Caladiums). On October 10, 2001 we began using our logo and on November 15, 2001 filed for a trademark on the Classic Caladiums name.
Processing/Warehouse Practices
New seed cutter – latest thinking
Roller drum duster and seed sizer – latest thinking
Built first sand bulb digger
SR 70 Warehouse
Wauchula warehouse (old Citrus processing plant). This abandoned warehouse had a terrible bat problem. Bats are a protected species requiring us to eliminate them without hurting
them. This we did by attaching Christmas tree tinsel to the ceiling. This interfered with the bats radar navigation system so they all left the building.
Began experimenting with collapsible wall drying and curing tunnels in Wauchula
New Variety Developments
Began New Variety selection process