Patent Protected : 26,263

    Caladium Sangria, as its name implies is a rich rose red strap (lance) leaf variety introduced in 2014. Sangria favors partial sun to shade conditions and works well in the landscape as a short to intermediate variety. Sangria is useful in 4” and larger pots, baskets and combination planters.
Another variety from our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman.

    You will find Sangria caladiums in both our pre-finished and finished caladium programs.

Allow 6-8 week crop time in southern zone – approx 15 days to sprout, recommend de-eying for pots.

Classic recommended bulbs per pot:
4″ pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 2-#2 bulbs
6″ (2.5qt) pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 4-#2 bulbs
8″ (1.75 Gal) pots: 4-#1, or 8-#2 bulbs
12″ pot: 5-#1 or 10-#2 bulbs
10″ Pot: 4-#1 bulbs, or 8-#2 bulbs (Good for a hanging basket)

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