Postman Joyner

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    Postman Joyner has bright crimson leaves featuring a vibrant green contrasting border. Our Postman Joyner fancy caladium bulbs deliver rain or shine, a classic that does well in full sun to shade. A good landscape choice – and makes a great patio pot.
    FYI – F. M. Joyner of Tampa, FL was a postman that began his breeding efforts about 1937. Joyner’s hybrids were commercially grown by L. L. Holmes of Lake Placid, FL, by cooperative agreement. Joyner is credited with the available varieties ‘Aaron’, ‘Crimson Beauty’, ‘Kathleen’, ‘White Queen’ and ‘Postman Joyner’.

    You will find Postman Joyner caladiums in both our pre-finished and finished caladium programs.

Allow 6-8 week crop time in southern zones, recommend de-eying for pots.

Classic recommended bulbs per pot:
6″ (2.5qt) pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 4-#2 bulbs
8″ (1.75 Gal) pots: 4-#1, or 8-#2 bulbs
12″ pot: 5-#1 or 10-#2 bulbs

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