Lemon Blush

Patent Protected : 25,450

    Heart to Heart™ Lemon Blush, with a rose red center and wide chartreuse margin is a new look in caladiums. Leaves are thin translucent parchment and delicately veined. Great for pots and the landscape, the wide chartreuse margin makes Lemon Blush a great companion plant accenting anything it is planted with. Lemon Blush favors partial sun to shade. All bulbs are de-eyed and painted. This fancy caladium variety was developed by Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman and introduced in 2014.

    You will find Lemon Blush caladiums in both our pre-finished and finished caladium programs.

Lemon Blush has been selected by Proven Winners, The #1 Plant Brand, as a distinctive and proven caladium for their plant catalog. This partnership allows us at Classic to reach the much broader audience Proven Winners provides. As of July, 2019, Lemon Blush will be co-branded with Proven Winners and offered by both parties.

Allow 6-8 week crop time in southern zones (approx 18 days to sprout), all bulbs are de-eyed and painted.

We recommend bulbs per pot:
4″ pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 2-#2 bulbs
6″ (2.5qt) pots: 2-#1 bulbs, or 4-#2 bulbs
8″ (1.75 Gal) pots: 4-#1, or 8-#2 bulbs
12″ pot: 5-#1 or 10-#2 bulbs
10″ Pot: 4-#1 bulbs, or 8-#2 bulbs (Good for a hanging basket)

For more information or ordering, contact
Abbot-Ipco at (214) 341-1585 sales@abbott-ipco.com
Or Classic Caladiums (863) 453-0014 info@classiccaladiumsllc.com