Colocasia Esculenta

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    Great landscape plants, these are very popular bulbs. Look for huge leaves and very tall plants. Colocasia Elephant ears tend to point downward. Not all that hard to plant, our elephant ears will grow very well in the northern tier of states. Prefer regular watering. Esculenta has a selection of bulb sizes from 5″ to 11″ circumference bulbs. Availability can vary season to season on bulbs.

    Available in our finished tropical program in 1 and 2 gallon pots.

5″-7″ SKU:#86005 pack 200/case
7″-9″ SKU:#86007 pack 100/case
9″-11″ SKU:#86009 pack 50/case
11″-13″ SKU:#86011 pack 30/case
13″-15″ SKU:#86013 pack 18/case
15″-17″ SKU:#86015 pack 10/case
17″+ SKU:#86017 pack 6/case

Availability may vary seasonally.