Classic Open House

TBA, 2023

Classic’s Open House weekend features walking tours of our extensive garden area and production facility here in Avon Park – also includes tours to our 850+ acre farm nearby. Just about every variety of caladium is shown in our garden, either in spectacular beds or imaginative container arrangements. Meet our staff and get guided tours of our warehouse and processing facility.

Caladiums can make a variety of containers look good!

Tours are free, beverages and food will be available – wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.



In rows totaling over 326 miles, we grow caladiums, cannas and elephant ears….

Innovation has been the keynote of our farming process since our start in 2000. Utilizing plastic mulch, we have over 326 miles of row upon row of caladiums, cannas and elephant ears – the only caladium grower to do so. Over the years we have developed a team of employees to oversee the farm from planting to harvest and then prepping fields for the next season.

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