Why Classic Caladiums?


Classic Caladiums is rooted in the science of growing caladiums. We are constantly developing new genetic lines, resulting in varieties that are hardier, more sun tolerant, and faster growing. As the largest caladium grower in the world, we’ve already introduced more than 90 new caladium varieties over the past 25 years and have hundreds more in development.


We are actively building the caladium industry through constant innovation. Our team has regular brainstorming meetings to come up with new ideas: new varieties, new partnerships, new growing techniques. Our willingness to experiment and try new things keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry.


Every crop is at the mercy of nature, and caladiums are no different. From better irrigation to protect against drought to unique-to-the-industry raised beds that guard against flooding, we’ve taken measures to ensure we can reliably fill orders no matter how turbulent a growing season might be.