Sun Burned Caladium Leaves

Even with sun tolerant varieties, the first emerging leaves can burn in full sun conditions especially if the humidity is low and the temperatures are high.  Later emerging leaves should perform fine given sufficient water.

Caladiums are native to tropical rain forests and the equatorial regions of Latin America and can be found from southern Mexico to northern Peru.  Some species are reported from the Caribbean Island regions of Puerto Rico and the Lesser Antilles.  Most species come from the Amazon basin in Brazil where they typically grow along river banks under a canopy of forest trees.  Thus, in the wild, caladiums are typically found in shaded locations.  Through breeding and selection many newer varieties are sun tolerant and can be grown in the full sun (see variety descriptions). 

White and pink cultivars that have been grown during cloudy, early spring days and are suddenly exposed to high light intensity and low humidity (such as when a late cool front passes) might show brown blotches on the leaves.  Additional shade will stop this problem.  Red varieties are not as prone to sun burning.

Sun burned caladium leaves