Caladiums for the Interior Landscape

The vivid colors of caladiums really light up an interior landscape and instantly become the main attraction providing the interior landscaper with an economical splash of color. Though caladiums are a relatively low maintenance plant, they should not be exposed to chilly drafts or installed in areas of light levels below 150-foot candles. Light levels greater than 400-foot candles are ideal. Low light levels cause caladiums to stretch and loose color. Bonzi treatment either as a drench prior to installation or as a dip before the bulbs are planted enhance interior keeping quality. Keep evenly moist but do not let them dry out, as caladiums will not recover from a severe wilt. Do not water them with cold water (temperatures below 70°F). Use caladiums in a color rotation of 3-4 weeks. With this relatively short rotation, fertilization is not necessary. There are few caladium pests. Be sure to choose a supplier that maintains a good pest control program and thereby supplies pest free plants. Caladiums are inexpensive when compared to other color options. Among the favorite varieties are Miss Muffet, White Queen, Candidum, Carolyn Whorton, Celebration, Bottle Rocket and Sweetheart. Be sure to specify de-eyed plants from your supplier, as these will provide you pots with a fuller more compact habit. When looking for something different to jazz up an interior landscape, caladiums make a super choice.