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Caladiums-Types (Fancy and Strap Leaved)

Caladium Types
There are two distinct types of Caladiums, based on leaf morphology, though some growers refer to a third (Dwarf ) group: Fancy Leaf and Strap Leaf varieties.  Fancy Leaf Caladiums have broad heart-shaped or arrowhead-shaped leaves and generally grow taller than Strap Leaf and Dwarf varieties.  The petiole (stem) attachment is within the leaf blade.  Strap Leaf Caladiums have a petiole (stem) attachment at the edge of the leaf blade and generally have pointed, more narrow, heart shaped leaves producing a compact plant with more leaves than fancy leaved cultivars.  Strap varieties are ideal for pot production and hanging baskets.  Dwarf Caladiums comprise both fancy (Candidum Jr.) and strap (Gingerland and Miss Muffet) leaf varieties and are intermediate in size and compact in habit making them ideal for pot plant and hanging basket production.

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